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Every year at Thanksgiving we buy a few extra turkeys and put them in the freezer for summer. They are perfect for bring up to the lake. They keep the cooler cold while they thaw, it can be cooked on the grill, and not only can we feed a lot of people, we often have leftovers. Since it’s spring break and we’re all stuck at home still, we thought it was the perfect time to cook up a little Thanksgiving. We had a little bit of fun today while the bird was cooking. A friend hosted a tap class so the kids and I tried a little tap. My daughter dropped off some food to a friend and did the doorbell dash but at least got to wave to her friend. My husband did venture out and pick up some needed supplies for the basement project. The best part about our day though was packing up half of our dinner for our elderly neighbors across the street. They are home bound most of the time anyway, but this has made it even more challenging. We were so happy to be able to share a little Thanksgiving celebration with them.

I think the thing that has struck me most about this COVID-19 period is the generosity and creativity that is coming out. I’m amazed at the various ways people are finding to give of themselves. Did you know JoAnne fabrics has pre-cut masks that you can pick up and sew for the men and women in healthcare? Did you know authors and artists are sharing their books and talents? Companies are giving free access to their on-line tools and services. It’s amazing how people are coming together. Let’s keep it going and continue to be Thankful for the blessings within the COVID-19 challenge.

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