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Stink Bugs

The stink bugs are back. So is the rain and the mosquitoes. On top of that our lawn mower broke, the basement leaks and a light went out in the bathroom. It’s pretty much been one thing after another this week. On Thursday, I fell off my horse. Friday, I let my daughter take the car to run errands forgetting that I needed it to take my son to an event. Saturday, we awoke to a clatter as my dog’s tail hit a wall holder we have for picture frames causing them to fall, crash and shatter. Sunday, we caught a skunk. Monday, was one of those days where my husband was out of town and the kids and I all needed to be in different places at the same time. Tuesday, I found my daughter’s horse, Gunner, laying down and needed to call the emergency vet. And today, Wednesday, I have writer’s block.

So, stink bugs really do stink and as far as I can tell the only redeeming quality they have is that they don’t bite or sting and they move really slow. Everything else on my list has an upside.

The rain could be snow and that would definitely be worse. The mosquitoes provided the most beautiful dragonfly dance of about 100 dragonflies I have ever seen. With the lawn mower broke, I can cross cutting the grass off my list. The basement leak forced us to address some much needed drainage issues and even though it’s still raining the leak has stopped. I finally get to replace the light I hate in the bathroom. I didn’t get permanently hurt falling off the horse and it resulted in a good bonding moment with my daughter even if it wasn’t the one I had planned. Our car situation alerted us to some of the challenges and opportunities three drivers now poses on our family. No one got hurt when the pictures fell and it was about time I changed them anyway. With the help of friends and electronic communication, everyone got to where they needed to be on Monday. Tuesday, I realized not only how much I love my daughter’s horse, but how much stronger I am because of him. Part of my strength comes from the people who surround me and were willing to step in and help. I’m so blessed to have two amazing women in my life. Both women have taught me so much about faith, family and the farm. My neighbor, Stephanie, and my border, Pam, both shared with me their wisdom and their calm when I had neither. Because of them and this experience, I now have some of both.

My week pretty much stunk, but if you want to look at the upside, at least we didn’t get skunked! Life doesn’t always give us picture perfect moments that we can post on facebook or Instagram. It actually gives us something much, much more. Life gives us the lessons we need to learn; either to change our perspective, refocus our attention, or to allow others into our lives. I know quite a few people right now going through some stuff that makes stink bugs and skunks seem like sweet perfume. For them, it is really difficult to see an upside. That’s where those of us with little problems get to step up. I’m sure Stephanie and Pam both had things going on when I called, but they both dropped what they were doing to be there when I needed them, all it took was a call. If you are struggling with something that really stinks, sometimes the best thing you can do is make that call. Reach out and ask someone to help. When you do, you will not only get what they have to offer but you allow them to grow from sharing in your moment too.

As I have been sharing, I am working on getting ready for a book launch in August 2020 to share my story, Because of 4. In this story, I met four young men who helped me realize just how much we can grow when we reach out for help and to help. I worked with an amazing teacher who taught me how to give and take so that my students could get what they needed. Many of the experiences I had with these four students really stunk, but out of it came learning and relationships I never would have had without those challenges. Part of my goal with this weekly blog is to share with you my progress on the launch. I’ll be honest. My progress this week stinks. But that’s ok. A friend called today and gave me what I needed to make next week better.

And that my friends, ends my writer’s block.  Not a moment too soon as Wednesday is almost over.  Let’s hope stink bug season is too! 

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