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Forest Through the Trees

I’m not good with details, but I am good at seeing the big picture. Today was particularly grueling for me. I spent most of the day up to my eyeballs in paperwork related to our taxes. Then my son had a biology assignment that included A LOT of heavy reading and he was struggling with it. Part of me wanted to just walk away from all of it. Who care’s if we pay our taxes? Who cares about the life of Darwin? Right now those seem like tedious details in the big picture of things. As we come to the end of March, there are a lot of trees. So many unknowns, fears, challenges….and yet if you look past the trees there is a forest.

I still remember the day I took the photo on this post. I was riding in the fall and suddenly it was as if the trees disappeared and the forest erupted before me. The colors of red, yellow and orange flamed the landscape. As I think about today, there were tasks I didn’t want to do. But they were the jobs of today. There will be new ones tomorrow. But beyond that, beyond those details is a much bigger picture. You see I had the time today and actually have the finances to pay my taxes. I’m truly blessed with all I have. My son and I had a chance to read together and for once we could go slow enough so he could really learn. We both had the time and the patience to work through the challenge and develop skills. With a typical school day, sports, etc. we don’t usually get that opportunity to really learn.

I know a lot of people are worried right now about what will happen, what will be lost, but those things are all just trees. Look past the trees and see the forest. The forest is alive with possibility.

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