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Fire Up

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I can’t remember what I walked into a room for half the time but for some reason every church song I have ever learned is popping into my head at random times throughout the day. Today I thought I’d write about our new fireplace. And what pops into my head…Fire Up, Fire Up, Christians Fire Up. Keep the fire burning in your soul. Fire Up!

There’s lots of fires brewing. Some of them are filled with fear and frustration. The past four days have not been too bad. Everyone has been working hard on whatever work it is that they have to do and we’ve been coming together at various points in the day and sitting down to dinner and sharing. But tonight, as we tried to decide what to do for spring break, tensions were high. It officially starts tomorrow and there won’t be any school work to do. My husband is off for a week. I wrapped up some of my projects to be off too. We usually look forward to time with family, but I think right now we are all missing our friends and some of the normal patterns of our life. As we cleaned up the kitchen, everyone was taking deep cleansing breathes trying not to get irritated at each other. Hopefully we’ll look at it with fresh eyes in the morning and find some way to make drywalling a basement fun.

Some of the fires are of a completely different nature. These fires are sparking gratitude, hope and inspiration. If I didn’t have these fires burning in my soul, I think I would have become overcome by our dinner conversation. For a long time, I was self-sufficient. I grew up going to church but I didn’t need God. I managed my life on my own. But one day my neighbor’s young daughter died suddenly and I was awed by the grace with which her mother bore the tragedy. Suddenly all around me all I could see was people whose faith burned a fire in their souls. I wanted that too. I’ve been seeking and seeking. What’s crazy is I’m finding it in the most unlikely of places. Growing up a regular church goer, I thought that’s where my faith originated. But faith is personal and it comes from the Holy Spirit. It comes from fanning the flames with praise, prayer and purposeful action to what we are called to do. I’m finding faith in people; friends who have started prayer chains, my Bible study group who meets weekly to hold each other up, a facebook group of entrepreneurs I joined whose mission is to meet daily for 21 days of prayer, teachers who are helping each other out and holding each other up in prayer. There is a fire burning in us. We can’t hold it in.

When I started this blog, I thought it was about starting a business. I was careful not to be too personal or focus on my religious or political beliefs. I’m not sure what it is now, but I know I don’t want to run a business that isn’t doing God’s work. So, if this offends you, I’m sorry. Not that I offended you, but that you don’t have the same fire in your soul. So far, my fire has fueled prayer, but I was challenged today to reach beyond asking God for help to do something to help others. I’m not sure what that means while I’m stuck inside the house, but I’m searching for the opportunity. For now, I’m going to be still, enjoy my fire and let my song continue to flow through me for a while.

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