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In many cultures the dragonfly is the symbol of joy and rebirth. When my daughter was little, a dragonfly landed on her finger and stayed there as we admired its beauty. Dragonflies usually don’t stand still for long so we were amazed at this opportunity and I even journaled about it that evening. Months later when we got the referral for adoption for my son we realized that this magical moment actually marked his birthdate. Since that time, I have viewed the dragonfly as a symbol that something amazing is about to happen.

I think the dragonfly moment can be a great symbol for the COVID-19. Prior to the stay at home, my life and I’m sure most of ours, was in a constant state of motion. I rarely slowed down long enough to even catch the sight of a dragonfly. When I did slow down I was often so exhausted or spent that I didn’t do much of anything. Lately there is a much different rhythm. I’m able to sit from my new office space which I created in the family room and watch my horses our one window and the kids jump on a trampoline out the other. I’ve been able to watch my cat wander through the woods and the dog running around in the yard. I miss lots of things but I don’t miss a lot too. I’ve been more focused and purposeful with my day and better about setting a quit time and eating as a family and playing games or doing something together. Yes, there are lots of things that are not going right and I have worries and anxieties. That’s only human. But rather than focus on those things, I’m working on focusing on who I want to be when this is all over. I’m embracing hope and joy and doing my best to bring those things to my family and to my community. I don’t always get it right, but I keep working at it.

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