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Day After Perfect

Yesterday I didn’t blog. Because I missed yesterday, I almost gave up today too. That’s the problem with trying to do things perfect. Eventually it’s not and then you are faced with either giving up completely because you broke the perfect streak or realizing that failure is an opportunity to learn and grow. I also had this idea that I would do the quarantine perfect. We would come up with fun things to do, bond as a family, stay healthy and basically rock this COVID-19 thing. But yesterday was not perfect. We started with a family meeting gone wrong. Instead of coming up with a plan for the day, we all left frustrated, sad and maybe even a little angry. Our day went fairly well. We even got together with all the neighbors, 6 feet away of course, for a cocktail hour. Still, as I woke this morning I was discouraged. I decided to clean the barn until the feeling left. After 2 hours the barn was clean but my heart still wasn’t. Then my husband had a great plan with fun post-it notes and work post-its. I just couldn’t get into it. No one had wanted to do my plan the day before. Things were no longer perfect. Somehow though we did manage to get back on track and to recover a bit of what was lost. Maybe things aren’t perfect but they are going to be ok.

I imagine a lot of people are feeling like some of their perfect plans have been ruined. Maybe the day after perfect doesn’t feel so good. But the day after perfect is really where the magic happens. Because when we work through life challenges and face our imperfections we realize it’s ok. We are enough. And it’s ok when things don’t go according to plan. Sometimes the imperfections add the flavor life needs or leaves gifts in the skills it brings. However, your day might have gone, don’t give up on the day after perfect. Start anew!

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