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Because of 4

About this time 3 years ago my school year was cut short. It was a job relocation, not a pandemic, but it felt like a crisis to me. I was working a job I loved and had made a connection with students which pushed me to be more than I ever thought possible. When we first moved, I spent a lot of time at home…unpacking, getting my bearings, and working remotely. Much like we are doing now following the stay at home order. During that time, I took an online course by A.J. Juliani which taught me how to blog. I had always taken University course and had never taken a course like this. In it I was connected with a community of learners and gained skills and learning directly related to my interests. It was amazing. So many of these opportunities are popping up now with COVID-19. I once again have stumbled on a unique learning experience. I’m taking part in a collection of speakers presenting in a facebook live group to prepare entrepreneurs to rise up during this crisis. Today was the intro to the group. I think it has the potential to help me move into creating and actually putting what I have learned the last 3 years into practice.

For the last 3 years I have been working on learning how to work remotely, help my family deal with a new situation, and tell a story of hope and belief in our ability to be more. I think I am uniquely positioned to be of service during this pandemic. Most of my learning I have captured in my book, Because of 4. I’m still trying to figure out how finish it and get it published, but I think it’s time to start sharing. I decided to start a facebook group to share the story and resources that I think can help during this time.

I’ll be doing live readings of the book and sharing resources. I hope what I share will inspire and help others as much as it has me.

4 boys taught me that when you hope and believe and give a little more of yourself, you can be more. Through play, practice and purpose you can discover the potential in yourself and others. Come join my group and because of 4, be more!

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