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April Fool’s

Normally I love this day and go about making some elaborate pranks.  Today I was just hoping that I would wake up and someone would tell me COVID-19 was just a big joke.  No such luck!  So instead I decided there was no better day to step out of my comfort zone and do something big.  I started sharing my book on facebook live.  I don’t know why I feel so compelled to do this.  It’s completely intimidating, the lighting is horrible, it doesn’t look professional, my book still needs some edits and work and I should probably spend some time figuring out the details (read yesterdays post to see why that’s not going to happen).  

Actually, I do know why I feel compelled to do this. I’ve been caught up in a big perfectionism trap. I keep thinking there’s this perfect right way to publish and launch a book. I’ve imagined getting it printed and putting it on my bookshelf, signing autographs, and presenting to my former school district. But I’ve been a fool. I’ve been holding in all the goodness of this story to myself, when there is a story there that people might actually need to hear right now. When I wrote the book there wasn’t a COVID crisis, but it was a crisis for me. I was faced with one of the most challenging groups of students I had ever worked with in the middle of a very challenging time in my personal life. And yet the growth and the learning I had through that experience is unmeasurable. All the while I felt pushed to be more. When I didn’t think I had it in me and I did it anyway, things seemed to unfold in a positive way…never easy, but definitely in the right direction. So, I am really not ready to put it out there. I’m way behind in so many of the skills I need to make what I’m putting out look polished and professional and yet I think it’s ok. I think the world doesn’t need perfect right now. I think the world is ready to stop being foolish and ready to start doing things that matter.

I’m working on putting it out there. I’m inspired by some of the entrepreneurs and influencers who’s messages and ideas helped me when I first moved and shaped some of my thinking in my book. One of them is organizing something pretty special. Peter Vargus is pulling together leaders to inspire and teach us to rise out of this crisis and challenges us to create opportunities. I’m not sure what it will be but I’m doing it. Check out Check out my facebook live.

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