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Ready to Ride

Until I had horses I had no idea of the preparation it takes to actually ride a horse. First you need to groom the horse, put on a saddle and maybe do some ground work to get the horse ready. All this preparation can often take longer than the ride itself. It’s a lot of work, but the ride is always worth it.

Life is like this. There’s often preparation you have to do before you can enjoy the ride. I think right now we are preparing for a ride. At the end of the COVID-19 there are going to be some opportunities, if we use this time to prepare. There are a lot of things we can do right now. In our family we are experimenting with cooking. We’ve made cinnamon rolls, donuts and lots of banana bread. My daughter is raising chicks and trying some new horse training. My son is working on a new workout routine. My husband has been cutting down trees and preparing the pasture. I have been taking some on-line classes and working on ways to support kids and families. I know some families who are building relationships by having theme nights or working on craft projects.

COVID-19 is causing a lot of chaos.  But whenever there are challenges, there are also opportunities to learn new things, try new approaches, or to get stronger.  These things may be work, but they make the ride that much sweeter.  This thing is going to end at some point. When it’s all over I’ll be ready to ride. Will you?

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